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Chancery Corporate Services Limited (“CCSL”) offers responsive and professional corporate and trust services. CCSL, an affiliate of Chancery Chambers, had its genesis in the service of select clients of Chancery Chambers who required corporate managerial services. For over 30 years Chancery Chambers has been providing comprehensive legal services to the international business sector.

Currently, CCSL provides guidance to international and local clients with respect to entities such as International Business Companies, Societies with Restricted Liability, International Societies with Restricted Liability, Segregated Cell Companies and Exempt Insurance Companies.

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Why CCSL and Barbados?

Why CCSL and Barbados?

  • Our commitment to responsive, professional and top quality service geared towards facilitating your business.
  • Our understanding and attention to the changing business environment.
  • Our access to the wisdom and wealth of knowledge from Chancery Chambers
  • Our understanding and proved utilization of the Barbados international tax treaty network.
  • Our long tradition of service to international corporate and trustee organizations.

Listed Services

Entity formations and licensing.
Providing a registered office.
Acting as company secretary.
Retention and maintenance of corporate records.
Holding of board and shareholder meetings and preparation of minutes.
Share registration, preparation and retention.
Amending and restating of corporate articles.
Opening and managing of bank accounts.
Re-domiciling services
Provision of the service of a corporate director
Registration of external companies